Welcome to the Magic Island, an island in the depths of the ocean far from the mainland, the home to cute and smart little monsters. However, the peaceful life has been destroyed by hateful human beings! They invaded the island and plundered many resources! Come on warriors! Fight against humans and defend our home!


President Bean

Few words, but tough in society. Likes to utilize his financial resources.
Skill: Cash Ability
When fighting the BoSS, use cash ability every 1 second, dealing 1%ATK damage. Damage continues to increase during an attack.

Little Bean

The youngest bean on the island, with a round face and watery eyes, is loved by many beans
Skill: Savage Growth
Summon spikes on the enemy every 1 second as enemy approaches, dealing 50% ATK damage.

Swag Bean

The island's famous superstar, whose song 'Do You Want to Dance' swept the entire island, overnight becoming a top star.
Skill: Shall we dance?
Place a huge radio on the ground, dealing damage (equals to 49% of the total buddy ATK) 3 times per second.

Honey Bean

She is not tall in stature, but she runs very fast; she may not be physically strong, but she possesses great strength. Moreover, her biggest dream is to debut as the top idol!
Skill: Premium Strawberries
Increase the change of dodge by 10% and summon 5 strawberries when under attack. Each strawberry deals damage equal to 40% of the total buddy ATK.